Pulsating defoaming vacuum drying oven

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    • Product uses:
        Pulse vacuum dryer is mainly suitable for low temperature and fast drying of materials in pharmaceutical, health products and food industry, if the extract of pharmaceutical industry is dried.The design meets GMP requirements.
      Product structure and principle:
        The structure of pulsating vacuum dryer is mainly composed of four systems: drying main engine, pulsating system, vacuum system and control system.
        The principle of pulsating vacuum dryer is that the material is continuously dried at low temperature in vacuum state, with pulsating function in the drying process, and the vacuum degree is regulated instantaneously at a fixed time, so that the drying state of the material such as foaming changes continuously, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid drying.
      Product characteristics:
        1Small area;
        2The drying time is shortened by nearly 50% than that of ordinary vacuum drying.
        3Drying evenly;
        4PLC automatic control, according to the nature of materials automatically complete the drying process.
      I. System Principle and Application Scope
      This equipment is the latest vacuum drying equipment designed and manufactured by our company for the general vacuum drying box with large temperature difference, slow drying speed, inconsistent drying of upper and lower materials, inconsistent drying of materials during drying process, easy foaming and overflowing of materials during drying process to prolong drying time.It is widely used in medicine, food, light industry, chemical industry and other industries for low-temperature drying. It has the function that the radiator inside the box and the inner board can be heated and foamed quickly. The temperature in the box is uniform, the drying speed is fast, the pollution is small, the energy consumption is saved, the production efficiency is improved, and the inner quality of the dried goods will not be destroyed.
      The equipment is to heat and dry the inner board and the clamp of the cabinet body of the dried material under vacuum condition. It uses vacuum pump to pump air and humidify, to form a vacuum state in the working room, to reduce the boiling point of water, to get a high drying rate at a lower temperature, to make full use of heat, and to mix any impurities in the drying process. It belongs to static vacuum drying.Therefore, it will not cause damage to the shape of the dry material. After the material foams, it will burst quickly through clean air, which meets the requirements of the latest "GMP" specifications.High-performance PLC is used for the whole process detection and control, automatic adjustment of working pressure and temperature, and real-time output of working reports for archiving and reference.
      Attachment: General process flow (special program can be set up according to user's needs)
      Preparation Warming Drying Backpressure End
        Note: It is recommended to use standard baking tray, once forming, no cleaning dead angle.
      2. Performance characteristics
      1Siemens industrial control system in Germany has superior performance, and is equipped with standard industrial communication interface. It can provide communication software technical support between equipment and central monitoring system, and can automatically generate monitoring pictures in the background.
      2The key parts of the equipment are imported from the original and advanced parts in the industry, and most of the parts have a market share of about 50% in our country.
      3The equipment has standard GMP verification interface, and the company has 16-channel standard computer verification instrument, which can provide GMP verification service for users at any time.
      4Heating jackets made of channel steel are arranged side by side on the inside and outside of the upper and lower sides of the cabinet body. After full welding, the channel steel and the inner plate are repeatedly pressed and leak-checked to ensure that there is no leakage.The heating rate is 200% higher than that of ordinary vacuum oven.
      5The four corners of the cabinet are arc transition. When heated, the temperature inside the cabinet is smooth and uniform, which changes the defect that the drying plate with material on the top layer of the original square vacuum oven is not easy to dry. At the same time, it is convenient for the water vapor beads produced during the drying process to flow into the bottom of the cabinet along both sides and discharge out of the cabinet through the sewage outlet.
      6When the drying cabinet is vacuum-pumped during heating, the temperature of the upper and lower layers of the cabinet will change due to the effect of vacuum-pumping. The vacuum-pumping interface and main vacuum-pumping pipe are made on the left side of the cabinet, the right side of the cabinet and the top of the cabinet, and the temperature difference in the cabinet is adjusted by controlling the vacuum degree of each place with a stainless steel ball valve.
      7The radiator inside the cabinet (also known as the drying rack) is flat plate type, which enlarges the radiation area by 150% compared with the ordinary tubular radiator. The bottom of the radiator is equipped with four small stainless steel wheels, which can be pushed forward and pushed freely on the track. Fast clamps are installed at the steam inlet and outlet of the drying rack and at the joint of the box body for easy disassembly, assembly and pull-out cleaning.
      8The heating fluid of each radiator on the drying rack in the cabinet moves towards uniformity, which completely changes the phenomenon that the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the original square vacuum drying box needs to be reversed.
      9When the material is heated and vacuum pumped, it will foam. After foaming, it will form a closed space. The evaporation of water in the material will slow down and the drying time will be prolonged.A compressed air bubble breaking device is made on the top of the drying tray. After the material bubbles, it quickly breaks the bubbles, which makes the moisture in the material evaporate and dehumidify quickly through the vacuum pump, so as to improve the drying efficiency.
      10The bottom of the cabinet body is made of semi-elliptical shape, so that the water vapor beads produced in the process flow to the middle of the bottom of the cabinet, and are discharged out of the cabinet through the bottom sewage outlet to improve the drying efficiency.
      11In the cabinet body device 1, a respirator ensures that the air entering the cabinet is filtered clean air.The air entering the cabinet will not exchange hot and cold air to produce water droplets after the patent heating treatment.
      12The moisture in the material can be discharged out of the box by vacuum pumping, which can achieve the drying effect. In order to reduce the material overflow, the water ring vacuum pump must work continuously. The frequency converter used in the vacuum pump is installed, and the speed of the vacuum pump can be adjusted by frequency conversion.
      13In order to save water, one circulating water tank with vacuum pump circulating water is equipped. The water tank has the function of automatic water supply to supplement the circulating water.When the vacuum pump works for a long time, the water temperature in the circulating water tank will be very high, which will affect the vacuum degree and the service life of the vacuum pump. A solenoid valve and a temperature probe are arranged at the front end of the sewage outlet pipe at the bottom of the circulating water tank, and the temperature-time ratio is set to automatically change the drainage. This ensures that the water in the water tank is sufficient and the water temperature can also be reduced.
      14The cabinet body is equipped with two viewing mirrors, and the lighting lamp is observed on the viewing mirror, which is convenient for observing the drying situation of the materials in the cabinet.
      15Two stainless steel hooks are equipped. After the door is opened, it is convenient to take out the innermost drying plate in the box and operate easily.
      16A stainless steel traction trolley is equipped to facilitate radiator access, cleaning convenience, time-saving and labor-saving, reduce labor intensity and improve safety factor (traction trolley wheel is 2-directional, 20,000-directional, universal wheel brake).
      17The cabinet can be dried in 6 hours with a thickness of 20 mm, which greatly shortens the working cycle and reduces the energy consumption of the equipment.
      III. Subject Structure
      1Cabinet body: The equipment is a horizontal rectangular inner and outer double-layer structure, which is conducive to the preheating and continuous operation of the working process.The inner liner of the equipment is made of 304 high quality acid-resistant stainless steel plate welded with high quality stainless steel flux-cored wire, and a series of advanced welding processes such as CO2 gas protection and process cooling are used.
      2Sealed door: motor lifting, rotating open door, with safety interlocking, double-door interlocking function.
      Safety interlock: The door cannot be opened without the operation of the equipment or the pressure returning to zero.
      (2) Double-door interlocking: According to GMP requirements, it has double-door interlocking function to ensure the isolation of different regions and the direction of logistics.
      3Decorative cover: All stainless steel wire drawing board, beautiful and easy to clean.
      IV. Control System
      The equipment control system is mainly composed of main controller PLC, touch screen, sterilization recording device and other control elements.
      1PLC: FX series PLC of Siemens Germany has excellent control function and high reliability, with an average trouble-free time of 50,000 hours.
      2Touch screen: Real-time dynamic screen display of equipment working conditions and various parameters, which can provide standard industrial communication interface and provide software technical support to meet the requirements of user remote monitoring.
      3Data Record: Temperature and pressure report or storage for archiving.
      4Equipment validation: The equipment is equipped with standard GMP validation interface, which can verify the equipment at any time.
      V. Pipeline System
      The equipment pipeline system consists of control valves, vacuum pumps, filters, safety valves, traps and other special valves.The key components are control valves and vacuum systems.
      Control Valve: American ASCO Angular Seat Pneumatic Valve, 4 million trouble-free operation.
      Vacuum pump: water ring vacuum pump, low noise, high vacuum.
      VI. Handling of Goods
      The drying items of the equipment are directly accessed and transported by the operator from the cavity to the carrier.
      Equipment parameters
      1Heating source: hot water/steam
      2Design Temperature: below 95 C/134 C
      3Thermal Uniformity: <3
      4Limit vacuum: - 0.095 MPa
  • ModelMZG-16MZG-32MZG-40MZG-48MZG-72
    Number of drying plates (only)1632404872
    Drying tray visits2*84*84*104*126*12
    Drying plate size (mm)460*640*45
    Layer spacing (mm)125
    Internal dimension of box body (mm)900*1030*9501180*1390*9501180*1390*12001180*1390*14501540*1490*1450
    External dimensions of box (mm)1500*1190*14701780*1550*14701780*1550*17201780*1550*19702140*1650*1970
    No-load Vacuum in Box (KMp)-0.1
    Heating modehot water
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