DFL type boiling granulator dryer

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    • This machine is a multi-functional boiling granulator which integrates top spraying, bottom spraying and side spraying functions.It has many functions, such as mixing, drying, granulating, coating, pelleting and so on.It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.The machine is composed of air purification heating system, main fluidized bed system, top spraying granulation system, bottom spraying coating system, side spraying pellet system, exhaust and dust removal power system, control system, etc.Top spraying completes pelletizing function; bottom spraying completes pellet coating function; side spraying completes pelletizing function.All the above functions are realized in the same multi-functional boiling granulator.
      Granulation and coating in pharmaceutical industry: tablet granule, granule, capsule granule, etc.Granulation and coating in food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granular juice, condiments, etc.Granulation and coating in other industries: pesticides, pigments, dyes, etc.Drying of powdery or granular wet materials.Coating: granules, protective layer of pills, color preparation, slow release, film, enteric coating, etc.Features The machine adopts modular design and is equipped with three or any of them or two functions according to customer requirements; The machine is equipped with a complete functional system of top, bottom and side spraying, which can easily realize the functions of drying, granulating, coating and pelleting; Intake air treatment unit contains primary effect G4, intermediate effect F8, high efficiency H13 three-stage filter, surface cooling and dehumidification; Anti-static.Electric filter cloth, safe operation of equipment; Dust collecting system can be designed and selected according to requirements to ensure environmental protection requirements; Set pressure relief holes, once explosion occurs, equipment personnel will not be harmed; Equipment without dead angle, loading and unloading material is light, fast, clean, meet GMP specifications.
      _The machine is fully controlled by PLC. All the operations are completed automatically according to the user's requirements. It can print all the process parameters, which fully meets the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.
      Optional configuration
      On-line Cleaning of Explosion-proof and Back-blown Sampling Port by CIP for Frequency Conversion Vacuum Feeding of Fluidized Bed Granulator with Bottom Spray Coating
  • projectModel
    Raw material containerCapacityL12224510022042067010001500
     diameterA kind of30040055070010001200140016001800
    ThroughputSmallA kind of1.5410153080100150250
     largeA kind of4.56204590160300450750
    Air volumeM3/h100012001400180030004500600070008000
     wind pressureH2O375375480480950950950950950
    Steam consumptionKg/h15234270141211282366451
    compressed air
    Host weightKg500700900100011001300150018002000
    Steam pressureMpa0.3~ 0.6
    temperatureTemperatureAdjustable temperature range from room temperature to 120 C
    Operation timeMin40-90 depending on material characteristics
    Material yield%More than 99
    NoiseDB (A)Isolated installation of fan and main engine, noise < 75dB (A)
    Host shape
    Dimension (L X W X H)
    M1 x 0.6
    * 2.1
    1.2 x 0.7
    * 2.1
    1.25 x 0.9
    * 2.5
    1.6 x 1.1
    * 2.5
    1.85 x 1.4
    * 3
    2.2 x 1.65
    * 3.3
    2.34 x 1.7
    * 3.8
    2.8 x 2
    * 4
    3 x 2.25
    * 4.4
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