Lifting feeder

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      The machine is mainly used for conveying and feeding solid materials in pharmaceutical industry.It can be used with mixer, granulator, tablet press, coating machine, capsule filling machine and other equipment.At the same time, it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
      The machine is mainly composed of chassis trolley, telescopic system, lifting system and overturning system.When working, the cone bucket is buckled with the barrel, then the lifting button is activated, and the barrel is lifted; when the turning button is activated, the barrel can be turned 180 degrees.The moving chassis trolley is tightly connected with the feeding equipment, and the discharging butterfly valve is opened to transfer the material tightness to the next process.
      Reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, no dead angle, no exposed screw.This machine is equipped with discharging butterfly valve with anti-misoperation device, which is easy to disassemble and clean, ensures production safety, effectively controls dust and cross-contamination, optimizes production process, and fully meets the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.

      Characteristic:•Mechatro-hydraulic integration of high-tech equipment, small size, smooth operation, safe and reliable.GMP 180 barrel body is made of high quality stainless steel polished by internal and external mirrors. It is smooth and without dead angle, and meets the requirements.Fixed lifting column rack can rotate at a certain angle; mobile lifting can move arbitrarily in the workplace, and move easily and flexibly; mobile lifting overturn type can be designed and manufactured with the user's original material barrel matching lifting boom, the barrel will be clamped, lifted and overturned.The barrel can be used not only as the feeding barrel and storage turnover barrel of the upper process, but also as the feeding hopper of the next process (pressing, filling, counting, etc.).
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