Double cone mixer

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      This machine is suitable for mixing powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and building materials industries.Characteristic: The machine conveys powder or granular material to the biconical container by vacuum or manual feeding. With the continuous rotation of the capacity, the material in the container carries out complex impact movement to achieve uniform mixing.The machine is energy-saving, easy to operate, low labor intensity and high work efficiency.
      The machine is suitable for uniform mixing of materials and is widely used in ceramics, magnetic materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, feed and other industries.According to user's requirements, mixing barrel can be made of stainless steel polished inside and outside or lined with corundum, polyurethane, etc.The machine mixes powder and granular materials with good fluidity, and the effect is remarkable.All the technical indicators meet the standards of similar products abroad.The machine is energy-saving, easy to operate, low labor intensity and high work efficiency.The machine can mix fine powder and many kinds of plants with a certain moisture content.The same mixing effect can be achieved for trace and additives. 
  • Model specificationSZH-0.3SZH-0.5SZH-1.0SZH-1.5SZH-2.0SZH-2.5SZH-3.0SZH-4.0SZH-5.0SZH-6.0SZH-10
    Production capacity (kg/h)120200400600800100012001600200024004000
    Feeding time (min)3-54-66-96-108-138-158-1210-1515-2018-2520-30
    Mixing time (min)4-84-86-156-156-156-158-208-208-208-208-20
    Full Volume (m3)
    Agitation speed (rpm)201212121212121212108
    Motor power (kw)1.12.24457.57.5111518.530
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