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    • 1. Product Description
      ZT series turnover barrels are special containers for material turnover, storage and mixing processes. They are suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields.
      Main features:
      1.1. According to international standards for production and processing, can be matched;
      1.2. The sizes of the inlet and outlet ports conform to the airtight shortcut.
      1.3. High quality stainless steel, precision polishing of inner wall;
      1.4. Equipped with manual disc valve, good sealing;
      1.5. Prevent material bridging and ensure smooth transportation.
    • ModelVolume (L)Profile size (mm)
      ZT 400F-S400800* 800 x 1300
      ZT 600F-S6001000* 1000 x 1400
      ZT 800F-S8001000* 1000 x 1600
      ZT 1000F-S10001200* 1200 x 1600
      ZT 1200F-S12001200* 1200 x 1730
      ZT 1600F-S16001200* 1200 x 2010
      ZT 2000F-S20001200* 1200 x 2270
      ZT 400F-C400776 x 1350
      ZT 600F-C600900 x 1650
      ZT 1000F-C10001000 x 1850
      ZT 1500F-C15001500 x 1950

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