Vacuum dryer

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    • Notes:For raw material,if its volume has great change before and after dry,then its filling coefficient may be increased or decreased suitably.
      Speed adjusting motor of 0-6rpm might be chosen according to the user’s requirements. The following aspects should be pointed out when to order:
      1.The above-mentioned parameters are calculated based on material density of 0. 6g/cm3.If it's over, please point out.
      2. If certificate for pressure vessel is required, please point out.
      3. If glass lining for interior surface is required, please point out.
      If the material is explosive, or flammable, the calculation should be made according to trial result.
      Notice in order
      Its heating has three ways i.e. steam, hot water, heat conduction oil.
      When order, please indicate the temperature of raw material to be undertaken or the operation temperature of drier in order to choose or provide suitable heat source for you
      When dry viscous raw material, our factory will design special stirring device in the chamber.
      The auxiliary parts of vacuum drying system can be supplied and installed by our factory. Please indicate them when order.
      If having special requirements, our factory can also design, manufacture and install as request.
      The cost of complete equipment should be increased in accordance with the needs.
  • Name
    Volume inside the tank(L)100350500750100015002000350045005000
    Max loading capacity(L)501752503755007501000175022502500
    Max loading weight(kg)40120200300400600800100013501800
    heating area1.161.522.633.54.615.587.59.613.8
    Power of motor(kw)0.751.11.52.2345.57.51115
    Occupied area.L×W(mm)2160×8002160×8002350×8002560×10002860×13003060×13003260×14003760×18003960×20004400×2500
    Rotating height(mm)1750210022502490280029402990349041004200
    Design pressure inside the tank(MPa)-0.1~0.15
    Design pressure of jacket(MPa)≤0.3

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