Dry heat sterilization oven

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    • Product use
      This series of products are mainly used in drying, sterilizing and heat removing sources of heat-resistant articles such as cillin bottles, aluminium caps, metals and glassware in pharmaceutical industry.
      Working principle
      Put the drying tray, bottle or car filled with material into the box and start the PLC programmable control system. The inner circulation fan works, heating, butterfly valve opens at the same time, and the drying box is heated rapidly.Under the action of an internal circulation fan, hot air enters the box through a high temperature resistant and efficient filter. Under the action of a microporous regulating plate, a uniform distribution of air is formed to transfer to the box. Dry air absorbs water from the surface of bottles (materials and articles), enters the heating passage for evaporation and exhaust, and dried air flows in a directional circulation under the action of a fan, and water vapor is discharged.With the gradual reduction of water vapor and the intermittent supplement of fresh filtered air, the chamber is in a slightly positive pressure state, the constant temperature is over, and the process control is completed.Open air supply or forced cooling, automatic butterfly valve into closed state, sound and light prompt to open the door and exit the bottle.
      Structural characteristics
      The 316L stainless steel imported is used in all parts of the chamber which may be in contact with the objects.
      The exterior surface is imported 304 stainless steel material, using a new production process, which meets GMP requirements and makes the appearance more concise and beautiful.
      Unique heat insulation method to ensure product appearance temperature less than 40 C
      The inner chamber adopts TIG sealed welding mode, and the inner chamber has a four-corner arc transition structure. It has no dead angle and is easy to clean.
      DMH Series Clean Door Oven, Advanced and Sensitive Control System, PLC Man-machine Interface Touch Screen, Micro Pressure Differential Meter, Automatic Dehumidification Valve and Flammable Gas Concentration Tester for Special Environment are all made in Japan, USA and Taiwan, China.The quality of the oven is guaranteed.Perfect 100-level laminar flow purification system meets the requirements of "GPM" specification.
      Matching equipment
      Bacterial Detection of Temperature Module Detector of Particle Number Detector
  • Product modelCavity size (mm)Profile size (mm)heating power
    Maximum variable frequency regulation of circulating air volume
    (m /h)
    Supplementary Air Volume Variable Frequency Regulation Maximum
    (m /h)
    Consumption of cooling water
    DMH Dry-heat Sterilization Oven (General Type)
    technical parameter
    Model specificationDMH-1DMH-2DMH-3DMH-4
    Workshop Dimension Width x Depth x High (mm)600x500x750800x800x10001000x1000x12001000x1200x1500
    Exterior dimension width x depth x height (mm)1650x800x17501880x1100x19502050x1300x21502050x1500x2450
    Heating Power (Kw)9152128
    Power of Circulating Fan (Kw)1.12.234
    Supplementary fan power (Kw)
    Power of dehumidifying fan (Kw)
    Design Temperature Range (?)Room temperature ~260
    Cleanliness grade100level

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