Barrel-changing Coating Machine

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    The equipment is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical industry. All of its shell, coating drum (coating pot), spraying device and all parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel.The whole process is controlled by the programmable system of microprocessor, and can also be controlled by manual operation.The control system has a variety of applications, operation status selection, closed-loop control of speed and temperature, open-circuit control of negative pressure and hot air supply in the pot of the coating machine, complete display of control parameters and printing function of working condition record.
    (1) Integrated design function;
    (2) The negative pressure display and control in the coating pot are designed.
    (3) Pressure difference display of high efficiency filter for heating air is designed.
    (4) Display and control of temperature value;
    Adjustment and control of slurry atomization coverage;
    The program control of spray gun and atomization;
    _The replaceable function of the drum is designed.
    Optional configuration
    On-line Solvent Recovery Closed System of Vacuum Feeding CIP on-line Cleaning Explosion-proof and Back-blown Sampling Port PLC

  • BGB-D Barrel-changing Coating Machine

    Production capacity (kg/Batch)510204075100150
    Each machine can be equipped with 2-4 drums (KG/time)1,3,53,5,105,10,2020,30,4040,7575,100100,150
    Drum size (mm)2003004207802-152-152-15
    Drum speed (rpm)2-302-302-262-26   
    Motor Power (KW)0.550.550.751.
    Hot air fan power (KW)0.750.750.751.
    Hot Air Temperature Adjustment Range ()Normal temperature - 90 degrees Celsius
    Hot air filtration (micron)10Ten thousand class
    Exhaust fan power (KW)
    Peristaltic Pump Power (KW)
    Mixing Barrel Power (KW)1112244
    Electric Heating Power (KW)681010181818
    Shape size (length * width * height mm)900*750*15001200*1400*16001550*1350*2300
    Diameter of each exchangeable drum (mm)300,380,420500,520,600500,580,680680,720,850720,850,930720,850,930850,930,1200
    Host Weight (KG)400450500550600650900
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