Square cone mixer

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          Square cone mixer is a novel material mixer widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, light industry, feed and other industries.The machine can mix powders or particles very evenly, so that the mixed material can achieve the effect.It is mainly used for mixing solid particles, powder and other materials in pharmaceutical industry. It has the advantages of smooth transmission, reliable structure, large mixing volume and high mixing uniformity.2. The characteristics of square cone mixer: 1. The whole machine is novel in design, compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, 99% homogeneity of mixing, and 0.8% volume loading coefficient.2. Low rotation height, smooth operation, reliable performance and easy operation.3. The inner and outer walls of the barrel are polished by mirror, no dead angle, easy discharging, easy cleaning, no cross-contamination, which meets the requirements of GMP.
  • SpecificationsFH-300FH-500FH-1000FH-1500FH-2000FH-3000
    Mixing Barrel Volume (L)3005001000150020003000
    Maximum loading volume (L)240400800120016002400
    Maximum loading weight (kg)15025050075010001500
    Spindle speed (r/min)1413121086
    Motor power (kw)
    Weight (kg)5007001000150020003000
    Shape size (length, width and height) (mm)1850 x 1280 x 19802200 x 1530 x 22202800 x 2000 x 28202930 x 2300 x 29503100 x 2460 x 31603350 x 2820 x 3800

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