FL one-step granulator

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    • Material powder particles are in the boiling fluidized state in the raw material container (fluidized bed). They are preheated and mixed by heated air after purification. The binder solution is atomized and sprayed in, so that a number of particles are aggregated into agglomerates containing binder. Because of the continuous drying of materials by hot air, water in agglomerates evaporates and binder solidifies. This process is repeated continuously to form an ideal one.Uniform porous spherical particles.
      application area
      Drug granulation and coating granulation: tablet granules, granules for granules and capsules.Coating: granules, protective layer of pills, color preparation, slow release, film, enteric coating.Food Granulation and Coating Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Cream, Powder Juice, Amino Acids, Seasoning, Extruded Food.Pesticides, pigments, dyes granulation, powder, granule and bulk material drying, through powder granulation, improve fluidity, reduce dust flying, mixing-granulation-drying-one-step granulation in one machine; Inlet air treatment unit contains primary effect G4, intermediate effect F8, high efficiency H13 three-level filter, high temperature control accuracy, air flow through control, can be set.Adjustable; Using antistatic filter material, double shaking bag antistatic cloth bag filter (or stainless steel backblow filter if special requirements can be used) and the filter chamber between the use of rubber expansion seal ring seal reliable;Performance characteristics
      Dust sensor is designed in exhaust duct and interlocked with PLC control system to ensure product safety in production process; binder atomizer adopts multi-fluid spraying gun, which has uniform fog particles and greatly improved the qualified rate of finished products; equipment has no dead angle, loading and unloading materials are light, fast and clean.
      Optional configuration
      CIP Online Cleaning of Frequency Conversion Vacuum Feeding for Coating Bed Drying Bed Fan and PLC Online Solvent Recovery for Explosion-proof and Back-blown Sampling Port
  • Specifications351530456090120150200300500
    Processing capacity1.5/4.54/610/2015/4525/6540/8060/12080/16090/200100/300150/450300/300
    Fan power2.2345.57.5111518.518.5223037
    Steam consumption1223427099141169211251282366451
    Compressed air consumption0.
    noise(Fan Isolation Installation) = 75
    Outline size1.0
    X 0.55 x 1.8
    X 0.6 x 2.1
    X 0.9 x 2.1
    X 0.9 x 2.3
    X 1.1 x 2.4
    * 1.25 x 3
    * 1.25 x 3
    X 1.65 x 3.1
    X 1.72 x 3.1
    X 1.9 x 3.5
    X 1.9 x 3.8
    X 2.55 x 4.2

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