GHL series wet granulator

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    • Working principle
      GHL series wet granulator, as an important process equipment for solid preparation production in pharmaceutical industry, can realize mixed granulation of raw and auxiliary materials or make soft materials.Using PLC automatic control system, the equipment and process meet the requirements of GMP and the national pharmacopoeia. GHL series high-speed mixing granulator is composed of powder materials and adhesives in cylindrical container, which are fully mixed by bottom mixing slurry to wet soft material, and then cut into uniform wet particles by side high-speed grinding paddle.
      1. The conical cylinder structure is completed in the same closed container. Dry mixing - wet mixing - granulation can shorten the process to obtain good wet particles.
      2. The design and selection of modular working platform and flexible selection of online wet granulator have good adaptability to process and working conditions.
      3. Designed to provide pressure injection of adhesives injection mode, manual adhesives injection mode or other ways of adhesives injection unit.
      4. Air-filled sealed drive shaft can be switched to water when cleaning.
      5. The design provides the way of feeding raw materials and accessories from vacuum, reduces labor intensity and avoids cross-contamination.
      6. Mixing impeller and granulating knife adopt compound mechanical seal and gas seal to prevent material leakage residue and meet the current requirements of GMP clean production.
      Optional configuration
      Vacuum feeding frequency conversion PLC jacket heating and cooling system online cleaning mobile cylinder KZL granulator
  • ModelGHL-3GHL-6GHL-10GHL-20GHL-50GHL-100GHL-150GHL-200GHL-300GHL-400GHL-500
    Production capacity (kg/lot)0.6-1.21.2-2.42-43-610-2020-4030-4540-8060-12080-160100-200
    Volume (L)36102050100150200300400500
    Hybrid Power (KW)
    Mixing velocity (rpm)0-3800-3800-3800-3800-3800-2000-2000-2000-2000-2000-200
    Granulation motor power (KW)
    Pelletizing cutter speed (rpm)50-300050-300050-300050-300050-300050-300050-300050-300050-300050-300050-3000
    Compressed air pressure (Mpa)0.3-10.3-10.3-10.3-10.3-10.3-10.3-10.3-10.3-20.3-20.3-2
    Product granularityAbout 0.14-2 mm (10 to 100 meshes)
    Operation timeMix for 5-10 minutes, granulate for 10-20 minutes/batch
    Profile size (mm)H11001150115013001300250025002900290029003000
    The above data are designed for our company and can be produced according to customer's requirements. Please contact us at 025-85718786/025-85769880.
    Rocking granulator
    Model TypeYK-100YK-160YK-250
    Capacity of production capacity (kg/h)30-20050-300100-800
    Motor Power1.12.25.5
    Turning Speed of Cylinder (r/min)555555
    Swing Angle (Degree)360360360
    Cylinder Dinameter (mm)Phi 100Phi 160Phi 250
    Shape size (long x wide x high) Overall Size (LXWXH) (mm)700x400x10501000x800x13001270x1000x1400
    Weight (kg)280450800

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